How We Work

Our Principles

We work with your people to achieve the result you need.

We offer our best thinking and experience. In return we ask you to be prepared to supply your people’s time to ensure the best result for you.

We are not interested in writing shelfware.

We believe that making you successful makes us successful.

We will endeavour to deliver you best value for your Stratege dollars; we will not create consultant busywork.

We will pass knowledge and expertise to your people; your organisation will learn and improve capability.

We want to be that good that you will refer us to your best business partners and friends.

We prefer to be given a problem, rather than a solution.

We want all of us to enjoy the experience of working together.

If we have any doubts about the value to you of our services we will tell you openly and honestly.

You get:
Experience, methods and tools
Knowledge, expertise
Someone outside of your operational team
A niche consultancy service

Getting Started

So you can assess our approach and value at low risk we recommend you try us out on one business issue that you have. Refer to the table of individual Business Solutions to give you ideas about what you might want us to tackle. We recommend a project or account review as a good starting point.

Initially we need your time for a meeting to select and discuss the issue. Our time for this meeting is not charged. Following the meeting we will put a proposal to you as to what happens next.

Our proposal may suggest a solution, a more detailed assessment, a project, or another way forward. The proposal will either specify a short assignment or a short second phase, again to limit your risk. If further phases are needed they will be proposed at the end of phase two.

We use this approach to help you assess whether you are prepared to accept us as a partner, and for us to illustrate the difference of approach and perspective we bring which will help you build the business you want.


Stratege fees are based on hourly or daily rates, invoiced monthly or on completion.  We will provide fee estimates for defined pieces of work.

Statement of Intent

Our legal format contains normal terms and conditions, however our intention is – Stratege offers its services for so long as they are valuable to you, in return we ask you to work with us and settle the bills as we present them on a regular basis.

If at any time you no longer think we are providing the value you need, tell us immediately, we will work with you to redirect our efforts, close off the work or make any other arrangement. If you do not tell us we will assume our services are still appreciated and valuable.