Business Process Mapping & Design

See Business Process Management if you are considering a program. Below are component services.

Key Business Process Workshops

Can you list your key business processes? 
There should be between six and twelve.

Process design brings direct value to the customer and your enterprise. Start with definitions of key processes, knowing them has these benefits:

Activities that support these processes add value; those that do not are wasteful.

They implement your strategies to reach your goals. Make sure you have processes to implement all of your strategies.

Understanding which are your key processes is necessary to apply technology leverage to best effect.

Stratege will show you how to define your key processes, without getting into too much distracting detail.

Business Process Design

Initial process design for a new business or service is essential for efficiency and effectiveness.

Do not be tempted to ‘just do it’; this is the unthinking approach that leads to wastage and hidden problems surfacing when you least need them.

Organisations need to be prepared for a lot of emotional fallout – processes go across organisational boundary lines, they impact on people’s lives.

Stratege helps you achieve good process design, using BPM, and teaming and change management that converts emotion into positive energy, ensuring valuable business gains.

Business Process Mapping

Understanding how your processes fit together enables your people to understand how their contribution supports the overall business effort. It facilitates teamwork and smooth operation. It ensures that effort and resources are applied where and when most needed.

Stratege will work with your people to define your processes.

Business Process Automation

Do not give IT the ownership of the process program, it is essential that business objectives remain the program drivers, business leaders the owners and IT the tool with which to implement business processes.

If you are considering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) getting the process design right first is essential, or you will automate an inefficient process.

Stratege will work with your people to provide the necessary business leadership for the program.