Business Solutions

Identify your problem below, Stratege has the knowledge and experience  to help you solve it using the indicated method or tool. These methods and tools suit medium and large organisations but can be simplified for use in SMEs.

Business problem Stratege service that addresses it
You need an objective, non-political, view on a particular issue or problemBusiness Assessment
The account is not referenceable.You are worried the customer will not renew.Account Business Reviews
The customer is complaining even though you are delivering to contract.Customer Value Reviews
As project owner you want to ensure this important project/program goes right.Project Business Reviews
You need a way of showing/analysing a complex high level issue with multiple business drivers.System Diagrams
You feel the culture is not right, you need to understand what is going on so you can change it.Culture Assessment
You need a way to ensure you get the best out of this initiative, and do not get caught with unforeseen events.Problem and Opportunity Analysis
You need your people to make things happen rather than referring up the line all the time.Business Process Design & Implementation
There is too much political infighting between departments. Customers say we are dysfunctional.Functional to Process Reorganising
Your people constantly reinvent the wheel. Your teams need to reuse the learning from other teams.Knowledge Management
You have to improve the organization’s project management capability. A few good PMs are not enough.Project Management Excellence
You need more speed, efficiency and quality. You need to get rid of bureaucracy. You need focus on the customer.Business Workflow Systems
You need to get cost out of the organization.The accounting information does not tell you how.Activity Based Management
Risk is part of good business. You need a process for understanding the risks and managing them.Business Risk Management

These are a sample of problems we can address for you, contact us for any problem and see whether we can offer you a solution.

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