Business Support

Companies that are growing rapidly have go-getting management highly focused on key short-term goals. Because of the urgency and shortage of resource, the business is built reactively and longer term needs may be deferred. At the same time the business may be constantly facing issues for which solutions are needed but appropriate business skills are not available within the company.

These needs and issues can be resolved by ensuring that experienced guidance and support is available to the owner(s) and/or CEO and his/her team on a regular basis from someone who is a highly experienced senior business executive, without incurring the cost of a permanent executive. This person is sometimes referred to as a ‘business coach’, albeit that it is a wider activity and the term ‘adviser’ is more appropriate.

The adviser provides a wide variety of knowledge, insights and specific techniques and activity management to help the Owner/CEO and/or leadership team build a successful business. At the same time personal coaching for senior leaders occurs, and individuals’ business skills are improved.

For those business owners who are looking towards a goal of extracting themselves from the business, succession planning or sale of the business can become a primary activity for which expert advice and support is invaluable.

Running a company is a lonely occupation, get an adviser from Stratege now ..!

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