Account Business Reviews

The larger an organisation the more difficult it is to maintain a common understanding between your people and your customers.

Account managers, delivery managers, and other worthy people talk to the customer all the time, but in the context of daily business priorities and issues.

How do you get your customer to really reflect and articulate their feelings about their needs and your service?
You do not want to encourage too great an expectation.
Is it not better to know, than not to know and disappoint them?

Account Business Reviews

Account Business Reviews talk to the customer and your own customer-facing people. It looks into all aspects of the relationship, including financial returns and contractual issues. At the end of the review you will be presented with an objective picture of what is really going on and what you need to do to improve the results for the account.

Account reviews offer great value to your business and they need an objective leader. Contact Stratege today to arrange one!