Business Assessment

All organisations have business issues that are difficult to solve from inside because of history, politics, culture, personal issues, lack of method or available senior resource.

An assessment of an issue or problem by an experienced external business consultant enables hurdles to be identified and put to one side so that real issues can be identified and addressed.

Stratege’s Principal, Richard Stoneham, is an experienced executive and consultant and understands the methods and techniques necessary to complete effective business assessments that remove roadblocks and identify solutions that make a difference .

How can an outsider understand such issues quickly and deal with them other than superficially?

It is a matter of technique, experience and approach. Knowing how to complete business assessments that are really useful to the client means they can be done quickly with rapid acquisition of in-depth understanding. Typically after two days Richard will know more than any one person in the organisation about the subject area and can easily identify the issues and possible solutions.

Why would the parties accept an outsider’s assessment?

The sponsorship of the CEO or senior manager is essential, but once the assessment is complete the result will speak for itself and as it is coming from an outsider it is more easily accepted by all stakeholders. Part of the assessment method is to involve detractors and recognise what is behind their position and find ways of providing a solution that enables stakeholders to buy in and commit.

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Terms for a Business Assessment

A special all-in favourable fee will be quoted if the following terms apply, rather than using hourly rates.

Assessment is to be explicitly sponsored by the CEO or senior decision-making leader.

A person nominated by the CEO or senior leader will make interview appointments before the assessment commences.

Rescheduling of interviews is not allowed for in the quoted fee, additional time charges will accrue If interviews are delayed or postponed.

Client will provide a dedicated meeting room or office for confidential interviews for the duration.

30% of the fee is payable on commissioning Stratege and 70% immediately on completion.