Our Services

Stratege provides practical consulting knowledge, expertise and methods that enable you to achieve success for your organisation.

All of our services are based on a systemic and experiential view of business, they are designed to create strategic impact and enable exceptional organisational performance.

The following table outlines our range of services. Please click on the appropriate topic for further information.

Business Advisory Service

The Business Advisory Service provides business expertise, knowledge and skills in support of executives and their teams in small to medium sized businesses and regional and local business units of international enterprises to realise their organisations’ growth potential.

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Implementing Strategy

The Implementing Strategy Framework uses portfolio and program management to ensure achievements of intended business benefits.

Program Management ensures that targeted business value is achieved by strategic initiatives, programs and projects.

Portfolio Management optimises the collection of initiatives/programs that are being run at any time, and reduces resource contention, overcommitment and project muddle.

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Change Management

Change management ensures that all impacts of an initiative are foreseen and planned for, so that implementation is effective and creates permanent change.

It has strategic focus and initiative owners should use it as their primary management tool. It sits above project management.

Change Management is a key tool for implementing strategy and business process management but is also a stand-alone service.

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Business Process Management

Business Process Management creates an organisational environment in which people think and act for themselves, yet behave as one in support of the organisation’s goals.

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Business Solutions

Stratege applies tools to rapidly determine the causes of systemic problems and provide solutions. Stratege also uses them to help you build or improve specific capabilities and competences, or to perform strategic activities where external expertise is highly beneficial e.g. account reviews or knowledge management.

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Action Learning Workshops

We can train your team quickly, effectively and economically, in the skills and knowledge to undertake a particular activity or project.

Stratege and offers on site workshops to bring your team up to speed with various key business techniques and knowledge.

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