Change Management

‘Change Management’ is the process of managing the effective implementation of organisational strategies, ensuring that permanent changes in goals, behaviours, relationships, processes and systems are achieved for business advantage. It is the key competence and process required for implementing strategic initiatives.

How to implement Change Management

Successful organisational change requires envisioning, planning, design, communications and implementation management, with early and continuous stakeholder involvement. It requires an understanding of all the points of impact, a system view, meticulous planning and scheduling, and excellent communications and administration. It takes a lot of high quality resource time and energy. It should not be managed by existing overloaded executives, albeit they must own the change.

Stratege provides hands-on change co-ordination to back up your leadership. Your people will be needed to resource the initiative, but Stratege provides the experience, skills and techniques to build the change management plan and lead the core change team.

Key to the approach recommended by Stratege is stakeholder involvement, frequent open and honest communication and detailed schedule planning. Find out and address issues and obstructions early, not late when they create severe disruption.

Good changes are energising; bad changes are enervating.
Get your change right!