Customer Value Reviews

Value reviews improve the value of services to the client and the value of the account to the organisation – a win-win result.

What makes a customer renew contracts?

Relationship helps, but without delivering business value they will drift, or run, away at the first opportunity.

 Are your delivery performance metrics based on your own technical metrics, or are they based on the customer’s business metrics, or do you have both?

Your technical metrics are necessary for your own quality control, and for contractual reasons. But customer value metrics measure what brings the customer back, wins you new deals, and gets you a price that is value, rather than commodity, based.

The system diagram (below), portrays how a review drives improvements to service value and customer relationships

Value Reviews can also be used to establish customer receptiveness to planned new products or services, and to provide insight into e-business initiatives under development.

Seeing your service from your customer’s perspective is very illuminating, and the results benefit both parties. Contact Stratege to arrange your next review!