Implementing Strategy

Implementing strategy is often poorly managed. Typically a project is defined, a budget approved, a project manager appointed, resources are assigned and the project kicked off and over time the project is implemented. When the project is completed or well advanced it becomes clear that the intended business benefits are not being realised, or the project is over budget or behind schedule, or the business has changed, or for some other reason the real business value of the project is not what was expected or is needed.

Framework for Implementing Strategy (FIS)

Stratege works with you to enable you to implement successful strategic initiatives using the Framework for Implementing Strategy (FIS). The FIS delivers the necessary business models and business management infrastructure to implement change initiatives in support of strategic change. Included in the Framework are Portfolio, Program and Project Management, together with Governance and Support Office information, tools and processes.  Whether your organisation is small, medium or large the FIS can be scaled to suit, from simple to complicated, because the principles apply to any and every business.

What does Program Management do for me?

Program management is strategic and business based ownership of initiatives/programs that enable delivery of strategy goals and realisation of targeted business value. Program Management is a business management capability directed at sense-making and finding the way through uncertainty and complexity.  This cannot be done effectively using project management thinking and techniques.

What does Portfolio Management do for me?

Portfolio Management is the process that enables the right programs to be selected and reviewed to realise strategy and business goals, taking into account the availability of management time, financial, people and any other scarce resources. It optimises the investment in change initiatives, subordinating program and project approval to business strategy rather than departmental objectives. Portfolio Management ensures you are running the right programs and manages the multiple project muddle and project resource contention that is so common in organisations.

What’s the difference between initiatives, programs and projects?

Strategic initiatives are groupings of tasks, projects and programs that collectively enable the implementation of a strategy or securement of a strategic outcome. Projects are a series of planned activities with clearly defined start and end points, clearly defined deliverables and a known pathway to the end point. Programs encapsulate business management for strategy implementation, when goals and means are still being clarified and sense is being made of what is needed and how to get there. Projects are launched within programs once ‘islands of order’ emerge in the sense-making stream for what needs to happen next. Programs are about business management, projects are about technical management of delivery.

How can Stratege help?

Stratege can provide you with expert guidance and help you implement the FIS, or arrange a tailored service to provide you with the right environment, support and governance:

I am at this stage Stratege service
I would like to know how this might apply to my organisationStratege facilitates client-specific workshops for senior executives to explore the applicability of Program and Portfolio Management and the Framework for Implementing Strategy. Call now!!
We need help and guidance to set up Program and Portfolio ManagementStratege tailors consulting service according to your needs and provides the expert knowledge and guidance necessary to get you started. Call now!!
I would just like to learn a bit more firstRichard Stoneham, Principal Stratege Consulting, will meet with you, at no charge, to discuss your needs and potential solutions. Call now!!

Project Management is not enough, you need a Framework for Implementing Strategy.